Images in ACRIS

You can add images related to various content types to ACRIS, including Persons, Organisations, Equipment, Research output, Activities, and Projects.

At the moment, only images of the following content types will be visible on Aalto Research Portal: Persons, Organisations, Equipment and External Organisations. The rest of the images will be visible in the later versions. 

There will be an upload an usage confirmation checkbox that ensures that only images with the appropriate rights are displayed on Aalto Research Portal

Users can also add additional metadata such as captions, alt-texts and copyright statements to images. Please bear in mind that alt-texts are crucial from the perspective of accessibility.

Quick guide:

  1. Go to the content you want to add an image to (Activity, Research output ect.) 
  2. Scroll down to Images section and select Add image. The maximum file size is 1 MB, and accepted file types are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, and .gif
  3. Before ticking the Copyright confirmation box, please make sure that you have the appropriate upload and usage rights for the image
  4. In the Copyright statement, you can add the name of the photographer and information on license. Example: © Year(s) Copyright-holder name License information
  5. In the Caption, you can add the caption text
  6. In the Alt-text, add a description of the image to ensure the accessibility. Keep the text short and descriptive. Leave alt-text blank if the image is purely decorative.
  7. Finally, click Create

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This page compiles all ACRIS instructions. ACRIS, Aalto Current Research Information System, is the research information management system of Aalto University. Information is displayed in the public portal

ACRIS Instructions

Aalto Current Research Information System (ACRIS) is Aalto University’s research information management system. The system contains up-to-date information about the research and artistic activities of the university. These activities are shown through the public portal

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