How to add CV to your ACRIS profile

You can use your information in ACRIS to build a curriculum vitae (CV), and show the CV in your public portal personal homepage. You can also create and add information yourself.

You can choose from four different CV types in ACRIS. In addition, you can upload your resume as pdf (TENK CV as Word-document). It is up to you what information from ACRIS you use to build your CV, and which qualifications and accomplishments you want to emphasise.

  1. TENK CV - Template for researcher's curriculum vitae. The Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK), Universities Finland UNIFI and the Rectors' Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences Arene ry and the Academy of Finland have together drafted a model curriculum vitae that complies with good scientific practice. This CV template can be used to export selected data from ACRIS to Word, where additional content can be added.
  2. Europass CV – Europass is used all over the Europe and it is a standardized personal portfolio, in which you can include different documents to portrait your skills and experiences. Once you have selected all desired content you can send this content to Europass site to generate it to Europass format and to add additional content not available in ACRIS 
  3. Public CV – The public CV is used for presentation in the public portal ( once it is published. You can only use one of these CV types as a public CV.
  4. Private CV – Can be used to export selected data from ACRIS to Word or PDF. The CV is only visible for you or CV editors related to you and for ACRIS administrators.

Add new CV:

  1. Log in to ACRIS at and click Add content button (on the right)
  2. Create a new  CV by pressing the small + to the right of Curriculum Vitae from the appearing pop-up window.
  3. Choose which CV-template you want to work with and you will be taken to the editor. Here you will see the content types you have the opportunity to add to your CV, you can add / remove them later if you are unsure what you want. Certain content types appear only if you have created contributions in the specific category.
  4. All the CVs are available for download as a PDF-document. The published Public CV-type will be also visible in the public portal 
  5. Editable CVs are are listed below the Curricula Vitae section of ACRIS. CVs can be deleted by clicking the red cross down right on CV’s editing screen.
Tenk CV
You can choose which qualifications and accomplishments you want to emphasise in TENK CV and upload it as Word-file for further editing.

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This page compiles all ACRIS instructions. ACRIS, Aalto Current Research Information System, is the research information management system of Aalto University. Information is displayed in the public portal

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Aalto Current Research Information System (ACRIS) is Aalto University’s research information management system. The system contains up-to-date information about the research and artistic activities of the university. These activities are shown through the public portal

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