Guests - Travel arrangements and expense reimbursement

The Travel Service team takes care of guest's travel arrangements. Guest's travel expenses can be reimbursed under certain conditions and are claimed via an electronic reimbursement form. The travel Service team processes the guests' travel expense reports in the Neo travel and expense management system (Neo).

Guest expense reimbursement form

The guest's personal details, bank account number and receipts of the expenses are collected via the below electronic reimbursement form. The form is processed as follows:

  1. The host or a designated person at the department fills in the basic details of the visit.
  2. The guest fills in his/her personal and bank account details and attaches the receipts in pdf or jpg format to the form.
  3. Host, approver or a designated person verifies and confirms the information given by the guest.
  4. Aalto Travel Services team processes guest's travel expense report in Neo system.
  5. The payment of the reimbursement to the guest's bank account takes at least 2-3 weeks (even longer during the early summer and the end of the year).

TIN is a personal identification number/letter combination used by countries to identify taxpayers and facilitate the administration of their national tax affairs. TIN is required from non-resident taxpayers as part of information reported to the national Incomes Register, which includes earnings, fringe benefits, bonuses, compensation for work and other earned income. Also tax-free and taxable reimbursements of expenses must be reported. 

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