File backup

File backup means the storage and restoration of information in case of any unexpected error or damage. Files are backed up with both quick backup copies and more stable backup copies that are stored on a separate medium.

How to access file backups?

Contact IT Servicedesk:,

  • if you want to restore a long-term backup copy
  • if you want to secure research data of measuring devices
  • if you have any further questions


To name a few, file backup includes:

  • Snapshot quick backup copies
  • Long-term backup copies on a separate medium
  • Securing data of measuring devices

Snapshot quick backup copies

Users can restore quick backup copies by themselves after user error or software malfunction, for instance.

File versions (copies) are made

  • once an hour between 8.00 and 20.00, and 26 copies are stored (2 days)
  • one copy is made at midnight every day, and 14 copies are stored (2 weeks)
  • once a week, on Sun-Mon night a weekly copy, and 10 copies are stored (2 months)

There is no attempt to guarantee the availability of all copies; instead, the service aims to make it easier to restore files and to reduce the number of restoration requests for the actual backup copies. These quick backup copies are not protected against system-level errors.

Long-term backup copies on a separate medium

The home, work and TeamWork directories

  • are backed up once a week
  • weekly copies are stored for 4 weeks, and a one-month weekly copy is stored for 3 months
  • January and July copies of every year are stored for 4 years

servers and services managed by IT are backed up as necessary, upon request. When the service is deployed, the information backed up and the cycle of the backups are agreed upon; for example, once a day or once per week. A typical method of implementation is to back up changed files once a day (storage for 1-2 weeks), a full backup copy once per week (storage for 4-6 weeks, and an archive copy once a month (storage for 3 months, for a January/July copy 4 years).

Even other Aalto University servers and services can be included in such backup copies. In such a case, the areas backed up and the cycle of the backups are agreed upon in the same way described above. Requests for including services in the backup copies should be submitted through the IT Servicedesk.

Long-term backup copies are primarily intended against disasters, so any file restoration requires sufficient grounds.

Information according to the same requirements is included in the same backup media. The location, storage and disposal of the backup media are arranged in consideration of the information security classification, for instance. Long-term storage takes place in fireproof facilities, in several different locations. File restoration is tested and exercised on a regular basis, and backup media are taken out of circulation in good time with regard to their operational reliability. Tapes taken out of circulation are destroyed so that the information contained in them cannot be restored anymore.

The validity of restoration requests is verified in consideration of the type and security category of information that should be restored. Backup media can be accessed only by designated maintenance staff, in accordance with the agreed processes.

Securing data of measuring devices

It is important to protect research data from unexpected damage. IT services provide solutions to secure data and configurations of measuring devices. You can agree on data backup of measuring devices by contacting


Processing of restoration requests for long-term backup copies can last from hours to days, depending on the workload on the backup system.

The speed of backups depends on the amount of data, the efficiency and workload of the client computer, and the capacity of the networks. Backup tasks lasting for more than a day are interpreted as problematic, and the client computer/network connection is interpreted as insufficient for a reliable backup. In such cases, the tasks must be divided into smaller parts, or the backups must be implemented in some other way.

Restoration only applies to devices under management and maintenance by Aalto IT, unless the matter is specifically agreed upon. IT is not responsible for the various departments’ own restoration media.


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