Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) is a course that combines physical and virtual learning. A BIP is organized by three different higher education institutions from three different Erasmus+ programme countries and funded by the Erasmus+ mobility programme.
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Erasmus+ mobility programme  (2021–2027) offers a new, more flexible way for student and staff mobilities. Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) is a course that combines physical and virtual learning.

BIP courses are short-term study modules (3 ECTS per a BIP course), that offer a possibility for mobility also for those participants who cannot complete a long-term mobility. 

BIP courses should have an added value compared to existing programmes or courses.

EU funding is available for organising BIP courses depending on the number of participants: 

  • The funding is counted according to the mobile participants (EUR 400 per person). As a minimum, a BIP needs to involve 15 participants who go on an Erasmus+ funded physical mobility from sending institutions to the receiving institution to attend the programme. 20 participants is the maximum that is counted towards funding. NB. the BIP funding is not for scholarships.
  • Funding per course: EUR 6000–8000. The funding can be used for coordination, planning, development and organizing the course, but not for mobile participants' travel or accommodation expenses, and not for scholarships.

The same course (same partners and same learning outcomes) can be organized several times, but only once per application round/agreement period.

A BIP is organized by three higher education institutions from three different Erasmus+ programme countries (EU member states and third countries associated to the programme: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey). BIP courses can be open to participants from other than the organizing countries as well (both Erasmus+ programme countries and non-Erasmus+ programme countries). However, participants from partner countries (i.e. non-Erasmus+) are not counted towards the required minimum for the funding.

Further information from the Managers of International Relations at the Aalto Schools: Key contacts at Global Aalto | Aalto University

Information about the Erasmus+ scholarships for outgoing students: Erasmus+-scholarships | Aalto University

BIP courses in short
  • At least 3 higher educations institutions (HEI) from 3 Erasmus+ programme countries
    • Inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement is needed at least between the sending and the receiving HEI before the mobilities are realized.
  • The participating HEIs have different roles: coordinating, sending, receiving.
  • The physical activity can take place at the receiving HEI or at any other venue in the country of the receiving HEI.
  • At least 15 mobile participants
    • Students and staff from the participating HEIs
    • The mobility of the participants is realized as student or staff mobility
  • 5-30 days physical mobility combined with a virtual part. 
    • The extent of the course is min. 3 ECTS (student mobility)
      • The amount of hours, the duration of the virtual part etc. is not further defined
  • Teachers are staff from the participating HEIs or invited teachers from companies abroad
    • Teacher exchange for mobile teachers.
  • According to Erasmus+ rules the BIP course must be free of charge for the participants. 
  • The BIP funding cannot be used for scholarships.
  • PP presentation about BIP courses (pdf)
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Promoting international teaching and studying is a central element in Aalto University strategy. Through Erasmus you can go on student or teacher exchange. It also enables staff mobility for training and for teaching.

Unite! Summer School students  working in groups at Aalto University.

What does it take to build a Blended Intensive Programme?

Program manager Marcela Acosta shares her experience in planning and organising the Unite! Summer School.

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