ENG K2 machine shop occupational safety instructions

Safety instructions when working at ENG K2.

This is the minimum safe work practice for K2 machine shop to ensure safety of faculty, staff, students and research personnel as well as facility. Safety is top priority.

Use of machine shop resources is prioritized in following order:

  1. externally funded projects,
  2. research,
  3. department & school dictated technical services and
  4. education.

ME department staff or student hobby use access is evaluated case by case basis by shop supervisor. Students are not provided access outside regular hours of operation.

  • working alone in machine shop is forbidden
  • machine tools may only be used by authorized personnel
  • shop users must complete mandatory safety training and machine specific instruction before getting authorization for a specific machine tool
  • students must have a faculty sponsor and signed endorsement for training & instruction
  • authorization is personal and is valid for one year (refresher is provided if necessary)
  • one K2 staff member must always be present on location to supervise
  • student access is only during staff working hours
  • never leave machine running unattended
  • shop supervisor keeps list of training record
  • shop supervisor gives each time clearance for use (setup & tools)
  • machine tool guards must be used
  • use chip/coolant shield
  • use secure work‐holding fixtures, remove spanner or chuck key
  • protective gear (eyes & hearing) plus suitable clothing must be used, long hair must be tied back
  • get to know nearest first aid point and eye wash station as well as nearest exit routes in case of fire
  • machine and surroundings must be cleaned afterwards
  • remove chips only with hook and brush, do not use pressurized air
  • all tooling & equipment must be returned to proper places
  • report tool damage, maintenance needs and safety concerns immediately to staff
  • no eating or drinking at machine shop (room 105d is for coffee breaks).

Guideline for safety & machine tool authorization at K2 is 9 × 1,5 h training & demo = 15 h within 10 weeks. Scheduling and availability follows course requirements. A limited (for one specific machine tool) safety & machine tool training and authorization can be provided by shop supervisor depending on staff work load and project work order queue.

Use common sense, do not hurry. Stay safe!

Version 1.4 2016‐08‐26 (JP & SN & PK & EN & KA)


K2 Machine shop, Puumiehenkuja 3.

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