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Telia Sign strong digital signature service can be used as part of a workflow to sign documents. The signature is done with strong authentication using either Mobile certificate or bank credentials. The service is currently in use for administrative decisions workflow (e.g. principal's and dean's decisions) and ASUC agreements. These workflows also automatically archive the signed documents to SAHA.

Recommended identification to be used is Mobile certificate, which you can take into use with your work mobile phone subscription free of charge.

Widening this service to new digital signature use cases is restricted (due to procurement reasons) but inquiries can be sent to [email protected] Aalto is currently using Telia Sign only as part of a workflow (not Telia's own portal for individual documents).

How to take Aalto mobile certificate into use

Mobile Certificate at Aalto

Elisa Mobile Certificate can be taken into use in Aalto Universitys mobile subscriptions at this will make it easier to sign up for existing services as well as for future ones.

What you need to get started: Elisa's subscription, smartphone and Finnish online banking key’s for registration.
(unfortunately some banks require you to go to the ElisaShopit for registration)

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