Course feedback system - connection to Sisu and process timeline

Description of the connection between Sisu and the Course feedback system, and timeline of the course feedback process.

Check the background settings from Sisu

  1. Does the course have the right language in Sisu? If you do not change the language on time, English-speaking students can get the feedback form in Finnish. You may change the language yourself, LES helps, if needed. 
  2. Does the course include all the teachers who wish to get course feedback? You may add the teachers in Sisu. 
  3. Have you processed the course registrations? Rejected students do not receive course feedback questionnaires.
  4. Has the course the correct ending day? Below is described how the course feedback system works mainly according to the ending day of the course. Notice that you should teach all the lessons during the periods marked in the course description. You may specify the ending date in Sisu. If you change the end date in Sisu, the course feedback system will retrieve the information during the next night. Thereafter the course feedback system will operate according to the new timing.


 Learn more: Course feedback instructions for the teachers (Wiki)

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The course feedback process

The course feedback system (KPJ) reads course's ending date in Sisu:

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