ACRIS, open access publishing and manuscript service

ACRIS serves as Aalto University’s institutional repository. Making the full-text version of your publication available in ACRIS is a cost free way of publishing them open access. In this way you will also easily comply with the open access requirements of funders and Aalto University. Aalto University has manuscript service for self-archiving.

Open access publishing through manuscript service (Green OA, self-archiving)

Aalto University promotes the open availability of research articles. All the scientific peer-reviewed articles and conference publications will be deposited to ACRIS as a service by RES Open Science and ACRIS team.

You can:

a) send your final accepted manuscript to [email protected] This is not needed if the publications are made openly accessible in open access or hybrid journals.

  • Most of the international publishers allow open publishing of the accepted manuscripts in the university's institutional repository without additional fees or charges
  • Often, but not always, the final accepted manuscripts can be published after an embargo period ranging from 12 to 48 months. Sometimes embargo is not required.
  • You can study journal specific policies from the Sherpa/Romeo service:
  • Regarding the open access mandates of European Commission and Academy of Finland, ACRIS is a compliant repository

b) upload your final accepted manuscript to ACRIS by yourself

How to add final accepted manuscript to Acris

Upload only PDF/A-file formats. Note, that ACRIS-staff will validate your contribution.

  1. Log in to
  2. In your personal overview page, click either Add content if you are adding new publication or choose a publication you want to edit from the publications listing. 
  3. In the research output editor go to Electronic version(s) of -> Add electronic version -> Upload electronic version
  4. Search the file from your files and upload it.
  5. Define document version (accepted author manuscript).
  6. Define the public access to file, e.g. open
  7. Select licence to the document if applicable. 

Open access and research projects

Find information on Funders' requirements and Projects in ACRIS

Subject-based repository: ArXiv

If you self-archive your works into arXiv, there is no need to upload the files also into ACRIS. However, you can link your arXiv submission into ACRIS for the purposes of reporting open access publications to Ministry of Education. More open access publications leads to increased funding.

Upload the final accepted manuscript (FAM) to arXiv. Send the link to [email protected]. Note! Please indicate whether the linked version is the submitted version (aka. pre-print) or the peer-reviewed version (aka. author accepted manuscript). The Finnish Ministry of Education only counts the peer-reviewed or accepted versions of the manuscripts in their yearly data collection of open access publications.

How to recognize accepted manuscript
What is the accepted manuscript version

Check-list for the authors for open access publishing in ACRIS

  • Agree with your co-authors that you will self-archive your manuscript to a repository.
  • Please check the instructions if you are getting funding from EC or Academy of Finland
  • When the publisher notifies you of the acceptance, check whether Aalto has a Read and publish or a discount deal with the publisher. If found, apply. See (Remember to use your Aalto email to benefit from the possible OA agreement.)
  • If there is no agreement, and the article is not made openly accessible in open access or hybrid journal, send the final accepted manuscript version to [email protected]. ACRIS-staff will upload the manuscript to ACRIS and it will be made open access according to the policy of the publisher.


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