Absences due to national defence activities

An employee who participates in the reserve’s military refresher trainings, in the non-military service’s supplementary service or in a national defence course will be paid their salary, deducted the paid reservist’s pay or equivalent compensation. In practice, the remainder is paid after the refresher training when the statement of the reservist’s pay which is paid by the Finnish Defence Forces has been delivered to Aalto.

The employee’s conscription call day is a paid holiday.

On the other hand, salary is not paid for the period of voluntary refresher training. An employee must apply for unpaid leave or use holidays in order to participate in voluntary refresher training.

  1. Inform your supervisor of future absences and agree on any practical arrangements.
  2. Report the period of absence via ESS. The supervisor confirms the absence in ESS.
  3. After the refresher training, deliver the reservist’s pay statement to the payroll team. On the basis of the statement, you are paid your salary minus the reservist’s pay.


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