Aalto Materials Digitization Platform - AMAD

Aalto Materials Digitization Platform (AMAD) offers a novel ecosystem for materials design and development, ultimately connecting academic, industrial, governmental, and societal stakeholders.
Current AMAD is a pilot version under development, open beta will be launched in 2022.
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AMAD lets the user seamlessly incorporate data into their notebooks, process and visualize it. An intuitive permission system allows notebooks and their data to be shared with collaborators. By using AMAD, scientists and researchers can:

  1. Plan and organize their work​
  2. Manage and share their data​
  3. Prepare data for long-term storage​
  4. Carry out analysis​
  5. Apply machine-learning tools.

In case of questions

Please contact the project responsibles directly to learn more about the service:

Ilari Lähteenmäki

U909 IT Services

Lara Ejtehadian

Research Information Specialist
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