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Alumna Annina Salakka: My education from Aalto is a good base for various work tasks

Real Estate Economics alumna, who now works with alternative long-term financing options for real estate investments
Annina Salakka, real estate economics alumna

I studied Real Estate Economics in Aalto and graduated in 2015. I chose the programme as I believed that it would provide me with a broad spectrum of opportunities and career possibilities in working life.

At the moment I’m working for Brunswick Real Estate’s debt funds that provide alternative long-term financing options for real estate investments. I’m currently based in Stockholm. My work is wide-ranging and combines real estate business and financing. My day at work includes analysing potential financing opportunities, prepare investment memorandums and negotiate loan documentation. I also meet clients and investors and do site visits, which sometimes include traveling. Occasionally I participate in conferences – also as a speaker.

Prior to graduating I worked as an analyst for Cushman & Wakefield in Helsinki where I focused on real estate valuations. I have also worked for NatWest Nordisk Renting in Stockholm where I analysed and executed real estate investments.

During my studies I learnt to find and combine information from different sources, enhanced my social and presentation skills and learnt to prioritise. I have many good memories from the time I was studying: the team spirit among the students, charismatic professors, working as a course assistant alongside my studies as well as the proud feeling after finishing and returning my master’s theses a minute before the deadline.

Studying at Aalto provided me with the opportunity to take courses with a wide range of topics – from real estate to languages and communication. In addition to the studies, I had fun and made multiple long-lasting friendships. My education from Aalto is a good base for various work tasks and I aim at exploring the possibilities with an open mind. I can see myself working in Sweden, elsewhere in the world or returning to Finland.

My advice to new students is that language and communication skills are essential in working life. But also remember to have fun and make friends!

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Master's Programme in Real Estate Economics

The majority of annual global investments target real estate, and most of national wealth is into real estate as well. Urbanisation accelerates construction and increases the demand for experts of real estate economics. If you are interested in working with real estate markets, investments, management or development, the Master's Programme in Real Estate Economics will get you started. The programme gives you the skills and knowledge you need to manage the entire lifespan of real estate.

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