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Rewarding teaching at the School of Electrical Engineering

The School of Electrical Engineering (ELEC) is committed to support students’ learning as best as it can. We want to identify and reward individuals and groups who have successfully enhanced students’ learning. The Quality of Education Committee (QEC/OpLaa) rewards teachers and persons supporting learning in three different categories:

  1. Courses from the bachelor’s programmes. Student feedback and evaluation made by the QEC will determine the recipients of the reward.
  2. Courses from the master’s and doctoral programmes. Student feedback and evaluation made by the QEC will determine the recipients of this reward as well.
  3. In this third category, a person or a group of people who have supported learning in an inspirational manner will receive recognition. The recipient of the reward will be decided from among nominations made by members of the Aalto ELEC community.

Categories 1 and 2: Meritorious courses based on student feedback and evaluation made by the QEC

Course feedback given by students together with a separate evaluation made by the Quality of Education Committee (QEC) will decide the courses receiving recognition in categories 1 and 2. In each of the categories, based on student feedback, a list of the ten best bachelor and ten best master courses will be published. The teachers of three of the best courses in the top-ten list in each of the two categories will receive prize money. A course can be awarded prize money once every three years, but it can appear in the top-ten list every year.

Category 3: Teaching and instruction that spawns inspirational and motivational learning. Nominate an award recipient!

Have you encountered someone who has supported, inspired or motivated you or someone else to learn or study exceptionally well? Reveal them. What did they do?

We are looking for an individual or group, teacher, tutor, teaching assistant, administrative personnel, anyone! Their title is of no consequence, but their deeds are. We want to identify and give recognition to good teaching deeds and reward their doers.

Any member of staff or student from the ELEC community can make a nomination. The nominator can be one or several persons, whose names must be included in the nomination. The QEC will not disclose the names of the nominators.

The QEC will process the nominations, evaluate especially the justifications for the nomination, and then select the recipient(s) of the award.

Academic year 2020-2021 procedures for the nominations will be updated soon.

Awards in 2019–2020

Awards in 2018–2019

Awards in 2017–2018

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