School of Electrical Engineering

Renewable Energies for Power Systems

The Renewable Energies for Power Grids (RE4PS) group, established at Aalto University in 2018, leads pioneering research focused on advancing carbon neutrality goals. Led by an experienced team, their research spans power electronics applications, renewable energy integration, microgrids, and sustainable energy storage systems. Beyond academic recognition, RE4PS actively collaborates with industry leaders, facilitating knowledge transfer and impactful research outcomes. Their work contributes to potential breakthroughs in sustainable energy systems, shaping the discourse on energy sustainability and advancing towards Net Zero Emissions goals. With a dedication to addressing real-world energy challenges, the RE4PS group is driving progress towards a cleaner, greener world, making significant strides in shaping a more sustainable global energy future.
The RE4PS group is led by Associate Professor Edris Pouresmaeil.
Summary of RE4PS group's contributions in electrical networks.
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