School of Electrical Engineering

Renewable Energies for Power Systems

The mission of the Renewable Energies for Power Systems (RE4PS) group is to pursue groundbreaking work in the generation, transmission, distribution, management, and consumption of electricity. The RE4PS within the department of Electrical Engineering and Automation (EEA) at Aalto University, creating a sandbox to research and develop the newest technologies and techniques for innovations in advanced power grids. In fact, the core purpose of RE4PS’s group is empowering minds to engineer the future power grid.
The RE4PS group is led by Associate Professor Edris Pouresmaeil. Currently, PhD students Meysam Saeedian, Amir Sepehr, Bahram Pournazarian, Ramin Ahmadi, and Master student Vishnukumar Murugesan are working in this group.
The main research concept of the RE4PS group is developing advanced technologies for integration of renewable energy sources into the different sectors in power grid. Our group has a close collaboration with the industrial sectors and research centers.
Group Members
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