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Student life

At Aalto University, we know that a world-class education is only part of the experience. We offer a tremendous student life, an international landscape and a thriving community. As an Aalto University student, you have excellent opportunities to become more internationally orientated and globally competent during your studies.
Image of lots of students wearing blue overalls and making a handsign for their guild

Student associations can be a big part of your university path. They organize different events, like participating in sports and field trips to different companies working in the field of chemical engineering. The associations also support students in their studies and promote their interests at the university level.

At the School of Chemical Engineering, Prosessiteekkarit ry (The Association of Process Engineering Students ) take care of the first-year students. They are responsible for introducing you  to university life and to be a part of the Aalto community. Aside from Prosessiteekkarit, we have three guilds that are specialized in our different fields of studies. Kemistikilta (Chemistry Guild), Vuorimieskilta (Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students) ja Puunjalostajakilta (Forest Products Guild) are active in the community by organizing events with other associations.

Our students are a part of the teekkari community. Teekkari are university students who study in the fields of technology, they have a long history and lots of traditions.

We also have international students coming from all over the world to study at Aalto.

Student stories

Our students tell about their own perspective on studies

Image of Jani Anttila smiling

When I started my studies, I had plans to graduate as quickly as I could. My mind changed as soon as I started my first semester. I realized that Aalto is more then just studying for exams and collecting study points. Aalto University as a community provides something for everyone. Through guild activities and volunteer work, I´ve learned a lot about teamwork and leadership. I’ve also gained lifelong friends here.

Jani Anttila

An image of Krista Lindqvist and two of her study friends in blue student overalls

I´ve always been interested in environmental issues and more energy efficient solutions. Chemical engineering provides concrete solutions for these problems. We don’t just discuss the issues; we also solve them!

Krista Lindqvist

Laboratory work, calculations and sauna nights - this is what it’s like to study at the School of Chemical Engineering

Interview with our student Rudolf Nikander.

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An image of Rudolf speaking into a microphone

Studies in a new language, a gap year with mathematics and new friends - this is what it’s like to study at the School of Chemical Engineering

Interview with our student Mikaela Kumlin.

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Mikaela smiling in front of the SChool of Chemical Engineering

To measure or not to measure? The basics of academic thinking provide students with problem-solving skills

Students of technology learn at an early stage of their studies that there may be various functional solutions to a single problem. Learning the skill to justify solutions scientifically is an integral part of the Master of Science in Technology education.

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Torniprojektin onnistuminen

Lumi Maunuvaara: Becoming an entrepreneur with the drive of a 20-year-old

Lumi Maunuvaara, who founded HAVU Cosmetics during her second year of studies, learned quickly that being a start-up entrepreneur requires courage, even foolhardiness, but also humility. High interest in ones own field and the company ensures continued motivation even in difficult moments.

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Lumi Maunuvaara, HAVU Cosmetics

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