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RAMI – Raw materials research infrastructure

RAMI Raw Materials is a national, joint research infrastructure. Its target is to strengthen the long-term core expertise in Otaniemi (together with GTK and VTT), and to place Finland among the strong actors in natural and new inorganic material research needed in the circular economy.

At Aalto University, we focus to process, characterise and recycle primary and secondary raw materials and to search for new cutting-edge material replacements for e.g. future sustainable technologies.
School of Chemical Engineering / Raw materials research infrastructure

RawMatters at Aalto University, a sub-section of the national RAMI infrastructure, covers the research facilities at the School of Chemical Engineering that operate in the field of inorganic materials (metals, oxides etc.). This means focus on metals and ceramics at bulk or nano-level, in solid or aqueous environments. The research enabled by the infra can be divided to materials science and chemistry, electrochemistry, metal processing and recycling.

Access to infrastructure

The principles of open access of Aalto RawMatters are:

  • The access to RawMatters is open for academic researchers and industry professionals in need of facilities for research or product development in the field chemistry-oriented materials research and characterization. The access is equally open for national and international parties.
  • All the users share an equal right to reserve and use the tools. A quota of 50% of daytime hours is reserved to the owners of the infrastructure if necessary. Certain tools are accessible only through service.
  • The prerequisite for the access is the facility introduction training. The training is organized either regularly or on a need-to-have –basis. The operation of the tools require operators’ licenses, which are granted on a similar basis. The training may be chargeable.
  • The access to the infrastructure is facilitated by the user support provided in a form of permanent staff of the RI (senior and staff scientists and engineers and technicians) and through equipment dedicated main users (more experienced users of the RI). The user support is subject to charges.


There is a wide range of equipment available for synthesis, analysis and characterization of inorganic materials within the RAMI-RawMatters infrastructure. Equipment is listed in categories and is placed in different locations at the relevant departments.

Equipment reservation is available online for registered users. Please visit
Due to the great variance in the nature of equipment, the operation may require more or less training, and in some cases the measurements will be conducted by the trained staff only. Prices are shown next to each equipment.


For more information, training possibilities and options for reservation, please contact:
Jaana Rich,, phone +358 50 408 1988

Ongoing ESCA measurement. Aalto University / photo: Adolfo Vera

Online Booking for Bioeconomy and RAMI (external link)

BIOECONOMY and RAMI Research Infrastructures follow open access principles offering the facilities for users inside and outside Aalto University. Reservation rights are subject to training.

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