School of Chemical Engineering

Experiences from a Chemistry major student, Mikko Stenholm

Interview with M.Sc. Mikko Stenholm about his studies in Chemistry major

M.Sc. Mikko Stenholm, graduated 2017

Process Quality Engineer
Murata Electronics Oy

Why was Chemistry you choice for master studies?

Chemistry as a subject was the reason why I originally chose to enter Aalto University, thus after the candidate degree Chemistry major felt natural and the right path for me to continue my studies. I felt the contents would give me a variety of opportunities, even outside of traditional chemical industry. Chemistry has a connection to many technological areas that we often do not even think of it belonging to. Having a deeper knowledge of the area felt as a good starting point to be employed.

How did you find the studies?

I found all the master courses interesting. I received a good understanding of variety of compounds and materials, and learned to understand why they behave as they do. The courses led us constantly towards scientific thinking, which supported us to form an understanding of wider entities and to benefit the obtained knowledge.  Hands-on laboratory work is self-evident in chemistry studies, thus I learned many advanced synthesis techniques and characterization methods in practice.

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