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Corporate Collaboration in Education video series

The video series was produced to advance corporate collaboration in teaching.
Group of students

The videos have been produced to advance corporate collaboration in teaching. The video project was carried out in cooperation between Aalto University and the Lahti University Campus.

The videos are intended for teachers, course planners and developers of teaching.

Corporate collaboration in education includes, among other things, student projects, master's theses, cases and more generally all events in which the educational institution's cooperation with companies promotes the learning and competence development of students. Corporate cooperation in teaching deals with issues that are at the same time very simple and very challenging. One teacher might find the topics covered in the videos to be child’s play, while another is faced with the topic for the first time. 

The purpose of the videos is to provide a glimpse of the wide field of cooperation and examples of successful concepts, as well as challenges and solutions.

Covering the whole world of cooperation would demand a seminar series of several hours. The videos in this series serve as teasers, and more information is available in the book Corporate Collaboration in Education - A Practical Handbook for Universities and Companies. The book's PDF version can be downloaded at the end of this page.

The content of the videos is based on the above mentioned book. Business collaboration practices, offerings, and pricing may vary across universities and schools, as well as within an individual university. It is therefore recommended for the video viewer to find out individual operating methods for each university, school, faculty and department.

Students working as a team

Video 1: win-win-win

The first video presents corporate collaboration through the perspectives of a teacher, students, and a company.  For successful cooperation, one needs to consider the needs of all the different actors. When executed in the right way, all parties win.

The example case is a student project done with Konecranes. The diverse student team included participants from different countries and schools.

The video is in English.

Video in Youtube

Students working on a team work

Video 2: Student projects

The video focuses on student projects: what student projects are and how they differ for example from master's theses.


  • Regionally focused student project concept: Lahti Ventures
  • International student project concept: Aalto Me 310

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube


Student using his laptop

Video 3: Master's Theses

Theses for the company are one of the oldest forms of corporate cooperation. The video includes:

• The teacher's role

• The price of the thesis to the company

• Different forms of payment

• Publicity of theses: Is it possible to conceal the contents of a thesis?

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube


Teacher and students

Video 4: Productization of corporate collaboration

Many teachers may not be familiar with the idea of productizing corporate collaboration. It simply means that the cooperation is clearly outlined and made easy to the partner. The video gives tips on how to productize your course.

Case:  Rahapaja Oy

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube

Tommi Vihervaara explaining the push-pull

Video 5: Contacting companies

• How to contact companies when building cooperation?

• What to do if there are no existing contacts.

• Checklist for a university representative looking for corporate partners

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube

Contracts and details

Video 6: Contracts

The video deals with legal issues that course organizers need to be aware of when they are planning corporate collaboration. Although many educational institutions have their own lawyers who can assist in concluding contracts, it is essential that course organizers know what legal matters they have to consider.

Issues to be addressed:

• Intellectual property rights

• Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube

Not everything goes right

Video 7: An unsuccessful project

When discussing collaboration, we usually only hear about successful cases. The video presents a case where everything seemed to go wrong. The video also points out what caused the challenges and the changes that were made to remedy the situation.

The video is in Finnish.

Video in Youtube

Corporate Collaboration in Education book in Finnish and in English

Corporate Collaboration in Education - A practical handbook for universities and companies

Corporate collaboration in university education − what is it and what resources does it require from universities and companies? How is this kind of collaboration done in practice and what does the collaboration provide for its participants?

This book is meant for both educational institutions and companies. In addition to businesses, the book can also be utilised by other collaborative partners of educational institutions, such as public organisations, associations and foundations.

For the people who are responsible for the corporate collaboration of an educational institution and the development of corporate collaboration, this book provides an overall view on the possibilities of educational collaboration. For the teachers who design and implement courses that are based on corporate collaboration, this book provides practical advice on and various examples of the different forms of corporate collaboration.

Book in Enblish (pdf)Video in Youtube

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