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Better Business — Better Society Seminar Series

Kuva seminaarista, lavalla ison näytön edessä kolme panelistia istumassa ja pääpuhuja seisoo. Edustalla yleisön päitä.

The aim of the seminar series is to offer opportunities to learn about current societally important topics at the School of Business. We invite our collaborators, supporters and alumni to the seminar at the School, and everyone else interested in the topic to follow the live broadcast on Facebook. The seminars are arranged monthly at 5 pm on the first Thursday of the month, excluding holiday seasons. The first seminars are held in Finnish, but there will be seminars in English as well.

More information about the forthcoming seminars can be found at the events below.


Forthcoming seminars:

On the first Thursday of the month, excluding holiday seasons.

Kuvassa vihreällä pohjalla pääpuhuja Teemu Malmin kuva sekä seminaarin otsikko

Better Business — Better Society Seminar: Liiketoiminta SOTE-sektorilla – mitä mahdollisuuksia ja missä rajat?

Better Business — Better Society Seminar Series offers opportunities to learn about and discuss current societally important topics monthly.


Follow the seminar live on School of Business Facebook:

Videos from previous Seminars (in YouTube):

3.10.2019 "Suomesta vastuullisen tekstiiliteollisuuden ja muodin kärkimaa?", Minna Halme

7.11.2019 "10 vuotta finanssikriisiä – mikä pankkeja vaivaa?", Vesa Puttonen

3.12. "Leading Transformations - Beyond Change Management", Pekka Mattila

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Professori Vesa Puttonen Kauppakorkeakoulun Better Business - Better Society -seminaarisarjan bannerissa

Ten years of financial crisis – what is wrong with the banks?

Seminar brings together a dream panel to discuss an economic recession that has affected us all.

Professor of Practice Pekka Mattila

Change can only succeed with the people on board

Culture is the cheapest and most efficient management system, says Professor of Practice Pekka Mattila.

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