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Sound artist Kabir Carter (2017)

The American audio artist Kabir Carter observes the subtle dynamism between the sound and the space under the most diverse conditions, e.g. from underwater landscapes to built environment.
Kabir Carter Photo: Cameron Kelly courtesy ISSUE Project Room

Kabir Carter's works vary from performances to installations, and they have been extensively featured on both sides of the Atlantic. Carter's diverse areas of interest include architectural acoustics, bio acoustics, bodily cultures, and communal dance cultures at the end of 20th century.

At Aalto University, Carter worked at the School of Electrical Engineering (Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics). During the residency, Carter worked in partnership with Professor Ville Pulkki's team with a new kind of technology to detect the motion as a sound, especially in underwater conditions. He made an immersive audio installation based on the exploitation of this technology.

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