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Browse the final reports of studies conducted under the RECAP project. Content mainly available in Finnish only.
Recap Iage

The project started from the observation that laser scanning and photogrammetry related technology has matured but their applications in construction have been limited to very few use cases, such as manual comparison of as-built point clouds to the design 3D model to evaluate quality and progress. Our previous research project, Intelligent Construction Site (iCONS), increased the appetite of construction companies for real-time data by demonstrating that technology can detect wasted effort which cannot easily be identified by humans. ICONS was not able to solve the problem of automating production control processes because it was based on sensors carried by people or attached to materials or equipment. Although it was possible to evaluate where people, materials, and equipment were and analyze their movements, images are required to know what those resources achieved and how well the work was done. The goal of the research project, Reality Capture, was to investigate opportunities for automatic monitoring of progress, automatic quality checking of construction and visualization of progress utilizing Augmented Reality technologies.

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