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Drop in to join Vera Anttila at COMMODITY CAFÉ between 24th and 29th October in the Beta Space Gallery as part of the ClimATE project!
image courtesy Vera Anttila
Image courtesy of the artist

Commodity Café with Vera Anttila

Yellow, coffee as a commodity, waste and communication serve as the focus for the project COMMODITY CAFÉ - DY(e)ING with coffee. The performative installation will form a platform to scrutinise the dying process of natural resources through the process of dyeing with waste coffee, while having a sip of the same liquid. The dyeing, drying and discussions on dying forms a system without any specific beginning nor end. There is not one simple answer to give or take away. By reflecting on art, politics and everyday activism, the project is an attempt to map art's political value as a practical tool, a potlatch for contemplation and open-source sharing.

The COMMODITY CAFÉ is an ongoing project by the artist and includes a podcast of previous sessions on soundcloud. You can listen here:


Commodity Café Opening Hours


Thursday Drop in between 16:00-18:00


Friday Drop in between 12:00-16:00


Monday Drop in between 12:00-16:00


Tuesday Drop in between 12:00-16:00


Following the Commodity Café, there will be a reading group session called 'DY(e)ING with Coffee' from 16:00-17:30. Please see:

About Vera Anttila

Vera Anttila is an artist, pedagog and writer, whose practise is collaborative and multidisciplinary. In her recent work, she combines cultural jamming and activism with aesthetics of everyday life. An ecological concern for the future and an interest in anthropological and ecofeminist theories lays the basis for her practise. Vera is studying Art Education (MA) at Aalto University and researching themes for her MA-thesis based on her artworks around waste, commodities and yellow.

ClimATE 24.10. - 21.11.2019

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