ClimATE 24.10. - 21.11.2019

Graphic Design by Joosung Kang
Graphic Design by Joosung Kang

ClimATE is an expanded exhibition and events programme across multiple sites and spaces in Aalto University’s Otaniemi campus showcasing research, prototypes, artworks, workshops, readings and screenings discussing climate change and food systems.

The List of Exhibitors and the Projects: 

Beta Space (Otakaari 1):

A Palette of Residues: Feelings Towards Climate Change by Yu Chen & Chiao-wen Hsu 

COMMODITY CAFE - DY(e)ING with coffee by Vera Anttila 

Empathy Education: Non-Human and Human Seasons  by Mariana Solís Escalera, Tzuyu Chen & Chiao-wen Hsu 

Farming to Cellular Farming: Our Future with Cellular Agriculture and Cultured Meat by  Niko Räty & Jana Moritz 

Padiwara: Rice Straw Exploration by Talisa Dwiyani & Miki Todo

V1 Gallery (Väre, Otaniementie 14):

To Flavour Our Tears: AnthroAquaponics Systems by The Center for Genomic Gastronomy 


The workshop and screening program will be announced soon!

More info: Bilge Hasdemir, SCTA Curator ([email protected])



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