Master's Programme in ICT Innovation

Curriculum 2020–2022

Programme structure and majors

Master's Programme in ICT Innovation (EIT Digital) consists of major studies (60 ECTS), minor studies (30 ECTS) and master's thesis (30 ECTS). Major consists of mandatory technical courses, mandatory language studies, mandatory introduction course, and optional and specialised technical courses.

The ICT Innovation Master's programme offers the majors listed below.

- Autonomous Systems
- Cloud and Network Infrastructures
- Data Science
- Human Computer Interaction and Design
- Visual Computing and Communnication

All the majors include a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Introduction course

Language studies

According to the degree regulations at Aalto University, students must take at least 3 ECTS of foreign language studies for the degree. In Master’s Programme in ICT Innovation the students have the option to choose between an English course, fulfilling both oral and written requirements (o,w) or at least 3 ECTS of Finnish courses. The compulsory foreign language course may also be completed at the partner university under certain circumstances (e.g. KTH). We recommend the English course LC-1310  Academic Communication for MSc Students for everyone, and taking any other course may lead to problems of recognition at the partner university.Taking the Finnish course(s) as part of the degree requires an application for exemption from the foreign language course requirement. If you want to take Finnish instead of English, contact the planning officer of the programme.

NOTE: If you are entry or exit student of POLIMI or UPM, we strongly recommend LC-1310 Academic Communication for MSc Students to avoid problems with recognition of your credits.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor

The I&E minor at Aalto is developed in co-operation with the Aalto Venture Program (AVP, The focus of the Aalto I&E program is on entrepreneurship in ICT. The content of I&E minor is the same for all majors.

Coordinator in charge of the I&E minor is Olli-Pekka Mutanen

Summer Schools

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