Master's Programme in Building Technology

Recommended timetable

Careful planning of your studies ensures a smooth and coherent path from orientation to graduation. The recommended progress is 60 credits during one academic year (fall+spring).

During first year you should do the common studies (30 credits) and  approximately 30 credits of advanced and elective studies. In second year you should do the the rest of  the advanced and elective studies and your Master's thesis. For example, the spring term of the 2nd year of studies can be devoted to the Master's thesis.

Study paths

The professors of the programme have prepared ready-made study paths, i.e. suggestions for how to select a meaningful set of courses for a certain specialisation. Please note that the study paths are only recommendations. Students are also free to create their own individual study path (for the structure of the programme, see Curriculum 2022-2024). Some of the study paths are designed to meet certain professional qualifications and in these cases the recommendations should be more strictly followed. Please note that the study paths generally cover both advanced and elective studies of your degree.

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