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Product Management at Aalto University

Aalto Univeristy is developing product management teaching and research to support students and industries alike in terms of the key skills needed for effective product management.

Product management as a role and a function

At Aalto University, product management is approached as a professional role and as an organizational function. Companies need skilled professionals who can lead products. In addition to individual skills, product management requires a compatible and supportive organization design. No amount of skill can counter dysfunctional design.

We are currently developing teaching and research that approach product management both as a role and as a function. In terms of the role, we aim to find ways to teach and promote the tools and concepts that individual products managers can use to create and maintain coordination among the multiple stakeholders within design, marketing, business development and product development. In terms of product management as a function, we explore new topics both in teaching and in research to understand and evaluate organisations and their approaches and competences in product management.

Introduction to Product Management

An open lecture series "Introduction to product management", developed with leading Finnish product experts

Product management logo, with text and a tetrehedron

Product Management (minor)

Minor for all Aalto students

Illustration for the Student Guide, Minors

News and events

Introduction to Product Management starts!

An open course on Product Management starts with the its first lecture

A new course on product management launching this autumn

The introductory course on product management will be piloting in the second period.


Product management for global competition

Managing product when tight coordination and execution is crucial.

Product management presented as overlap of users, business and engineering
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