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Product management for global competition

Product management is one of the most crucial competencies for startups and scale-ups. Combining customer needs and realities of production during fast growth calls for a strong vision and execution. Finding and maintaining a fit between a product and a market cuts through the whole firm.
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Product management is not a new term, and it comes in different styles. There's business-line oriented product management that is heavily involved in branding, pricing and portfolios. There's software-focused product management where product owners are in central roles in managing the development processes. And then there's greenfield-type product development projects, where everything is build from scratch. There's time and place for all these types of product management. 

This course focuses on the type of product management that is needed when the situation calls for a clear direction and tight coordination. When competition is intense, growth is fast, and the product is breaking into new markets, product management becomes one of the core capabilities for a company and requirement for success.

Product management presented as overlap of users, business and engineering

This requires tight coordination between three key areas: customer needs, product development, and business development. While designers, developers, and business functions are specifically working on each of these individually, the ability link and balance all these aspects is what makes it or breaks it for growing companies.

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Product management presented as overlap of users, business and engineering
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