Cloud Reachers

Cloud Reachers podcast is hosted by Tomi Kauppinen and Miikka J. Lehtonen and tackles future learning with experts from different fields from the perspective of both teachers and learners.

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Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Online Learning, Transdisciplinary Projects, Growth Mindset, Media Experiences - be sure to tune in for the Season 3 of Cloud Reachers podcast!

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Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence with Belen Prado (external link)

Cloud Reachers S03E04 where host Tomi is joined by Belen Prado on philosophy and artificial intelligence.

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Research about Design Thinking with Sabba Quidwai (external link)

Cloud Reachers S03E05 where Tomi is joined by Sabba N. Quidwai to talk about her research on design thinking in k12 education, traveling during the pandemic and how to master your mindset.

Previous seasons

Cloud Reachers Season 1 (external link)

Cloud Reachers podcast Season 1 about the Future of Learning.

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The podcast is hosted by Tomi Kauppinen, project leader and docent at the School of Science, and Miikka J. Lehtonen, visiting assistant professor at the School of Business and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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School of Science

Science for tomorrow’s technology, innovations and businesses

Ekonominaukio 1 staircase to 1st floor. Photo by Unto Rautio.

School of Business

At the School of Business we strive for better business and better society. We excel in education and research with a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with our partners.

Students riding bikes in front of the Aalto University Väre building, photo by Unto Rautio

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is one of the most prestigious universities in its fields. We educate our students to create imaginative, collaborative, compassionate and unconventional approaches to the most pressing challenges of today.

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News related to topics covered in the podcast.

Mustavalkoisessa arkistokuvassa Teuvo Kohonen istuu vanhanaikaisen tietokoneen äärellä.
Aalto Magazine Published:

Finnish pioneer in artificial intelligence

At the beginning of the 1980s, Teuvo Kohonen started thinking about how the human brain processed information – and came up with a significant milestone in artificial intelligence studies: the self-organising map.
Alexis Kouros, jolla on yllään valkoinen paita ja päässään kuulokkeet, tutkii edessään istuvan, paidattoman nuoren miehen rintakehää laitteella. Taustalla istuu kolmas mies työskentelemässä tietokoneella. Pöydällä on laitteita, joissa näkyy käyriä ja mittaustuloksia.
Aalto Magazine Published:

Researchers developed a new medical device to replace the stethoscope

With the aid of AI the device could enable faster and more accurate diagnoses. It is being developed by the Vital Signs research group.
Two student walking and talking in a hallway
Studies Published:

Unite! university network and Aalto University Summer School launch machine learning summer course for international students

The Human-Centered Machine Learning course allows students from all over Europe to come together and learn about machine learning in an international setting at Aalto University
Lauri Pietinalho, photo: Andrea LeHeup
Research & Art Published:

Lauri Pietinalho wrote his doctoral thesis following the footsteps of Nobelist Edmund Phelps

Initially Lauri Pietinalho started to ponder the “mass flourishing” theory of Edmund Phelps, a winner of the Nobel Prize in economics.
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