Tomi Kauppinen

Head, Aalto Online Learning
Head, Aalto Online Learning
U902 Learning Services
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Cognitive Systems, Information visualisation, Information design, Ubiquitous Computing, Online learning, Blended learning, 113 Computer and information sciences, 222 Other engineering and technologies, 1171 Geosciences, 516 Educational sciences, Computational data analysis, Software engineering, operating systems, man-computer interaction, Information systems science, Geoinformatics, Adult education

Honors and awards

2016 Learning Contribution Achievement Award 2016

The 2016 Learning Contribution Achievement Award was given to Tomi Kauppinen and Lauri Malmi, who had headed the Aalto Online Learning digitalization project in an exemplary manner. The contributions of Kauppinen and Malmi created operations models used to develop teaching in Aalto. Also, thanks to their work, the digitalization of Aalto’s teaching advanced leaps and bounds in a very pedagogically sound manner.
Award or honor granted for a specific work Professorship Malmi L. May 2017


Humanizing online learning for enhanced engagement and participation

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Promotypes - Prototyping Games for a University Game Production Pipeline

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Designing Virtual Toolboxes to Guide Educators in Creating Online Learning

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Creating a production pipeline for 360° learning environments

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Developing a Game Production Pipeline for University Educators

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Expert-Driven (Online) Game Jams for (Game) Design Education

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Challenge-derived design practices for a semantic gazetteer for medieval and early modern places

Philipp Schneider, Jim Jones, Torsten Hiltmann, Tomi Kauppinen 2021 Semantic Web


Daniel Garijo, Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Tomi Kauppinen 2020 Semantic Web

Special issue on Semantic eScience: Methods, tools and applications

Daniel Garijo, Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Tomi Kauppinen 2020 Semantic Web

Designing Digital Higher Education: Case Aalto Online Learning

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