Sahar Alipour

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
T304 Dept. Applied Physics
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  • Multiscale Statistical and Quantum Physics, Postdoctoral Researcher


Entropy-based formulation of thermodynamics in arbitrary quantum evolution

S. Alipour, A. T. Rezakhani, A. Chenu, A. Del Campo, T. Ala-Nissila 2022 Physical Review A

Correlation-enabled energy exchange in quantum systems without external driving

T. Pyhäranta, S. Alipour, A. T. Rezakhani, T. Ala-Nissila 2022 Physical Review A

Correlation-Picture Approach to Open-Quantum-System Dynamics

S. Alipour, A. T. Rezakhani, A. P. Babu, K. Mølmer, M. Möttönen, T. Ala-Nissila 2020 Physical Review X

Shortcuts to Adiabaticity in Driven Open Quantum Systems

S. Alipour, A. Chenu, A. T. Rezakhani, A. del Campo 2020 Quantum

Unreliability of mutual information as a measure for variations in total correlations

S. Alipour, S. Tuohino, A. T. Rezakhani, T. Ala-Nissila 2020 Physical Review A

Continuity of the quantum Fisher information

A. T. Rezakhani, M. Hassani, S. Alipour 2019 Physical Review A

Dynamical algebra of observables in dissipative quantum systems

Sahar Alipour, Dariusz Chruściński, Paolo Facchi, Giuseppe Marmo, Saverio Pascazio, Ali T. Rezakhani 2017 Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical

Quantum gate description for induced coherence without induced emission and its applications

Sahar Alipour, Mario Krenn, Anton Zeilinger 2017 Physical Review A

Entropy production and non-Markovian dynamical maps

S. Marcantoni, S. Alipour, F. Benatti, R. Floreanini, A. T. Rezakhani 2017 Scientific Reports

Correlations in quantum thermodynamics

S. Alipour, F. Benatti, F. Bakhshinezhad, M. Afsary, S. Marcantoni, A. T. Rezakhani 2016 Scientific Reports