Rohit Babbar

Rohit Babbar

Assistant professor
Assistant professor
T313 Dept. Computer Science

I am an Assistant Professor at the department of Computer Science, Aalto University in Finland. Along with my research group, we work on problems in large scale machine learning particularly encountered in extreme classification with large output spaces, and robustness

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Areas of expertise

large scale learning, extreme multi-label classification, deep learning, sequential data, robustness

Research groups

  • Professorship Babbar Rohit, Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science Professors, Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML), Assistant Professor


Bonsai - Diverse and Shallow Trees for Extreme Multi-label Classification

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Why state-of-the-art deep learning barely works as good as a linear classifier in extreme multi-label text classification

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Unbiased Loss Functions for Extreme Classification With Missing Labels

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Data scarcity, robustness and extreme multi-label classification

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A Simple and Effective Scheme for Data Pre-processing in Extreme Classification

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Adversarial Extreme Multi-label Classification

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Prediction of glucose tolerance without an oral glucose tolerance test

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Extreme Multi-label Classification for Information Retrieval

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Learning Taxonomy Adaptation in Large-scale Classification

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