Milica Todorovic

Contingent Worker
Contingent Worker
T304 Dept. Applied Physics

I run the machine learning research projects of the Computational Electronic Structure Theory (CEST) group at Aalto University. We are interfacing machine learning algorithms with quantum mechanical simulations of materials with the aim to optimise material functionality. In particular, we seek to improve the performance of organic and inorganic components in solar cell devices. See more about our research on optimising organic/inorganic interfaces and data-driven materials science.

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  • Computational Electronic Structure Theory, Visitor (Faculty)


Exploring the Conformers of an Organic Molecule on a Metal Cluster with Bayesian Optimization

Lincan Fang, Xiaomi Guo, Milica Todorovic, Patrick Rinke, Xi Chen 2023 JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL INFORMATION AND MODELING

Machine learning as a tool to engineer microstructures: Morphological prediction of tannin-based colloids using Bayesian surrogate models

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Roadmap on Machine learning in electronic structure

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Compositional engineering of perovskites with machine learning

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Machine learning sparse tight-binding parameters for defects

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Efficient Amino Acid Conformer Search with Bayesian Optimization

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Integrating Bayesian Inference with Scanning Probe Experiments for Robust Identification of Surface Adsorbate Configurations

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Efficient hyperparameter tuning for kernel ridge regression with Bayesian optimization

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Detecting stable adsorbates of (1S)-camphor on Cu(111) with Bayesian optimization

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Bayesian Optimization Structure Search (BOSS)

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