Lobna Amin

Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher
T213 Built Environment
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  • Water and Environmental Eng., Doctoral Researcher


Tracking the formation potential of vivianite within the treatment train of full-scale wastewater treatment plants

Lobna Amin, Raed A. Al-Juboori, Fredrik Lindroos, Mansour Bounouba, Kati Blomberg, Melissa Lopez Viveros, Marina Graan, Sam Azimi, Johan Lindén, Anna Mikola, Mathieu Spérandio 2024 Science of the Total Environment

Viral outbreaks detection and surveillance using wastewater-based epidemiology, viral air sampling, and machine learning techniques : A comprehensive review and outlook

Omar M. Abdeldayem, Areeg M. Dabbish, Mahmoud M. Habashy, Mohamed K. Mostafa, Mohamed Elhefnawy, Lobna Amin, Eslam G. Al-Sakkari, Ahmed Ragab, Eldon R. Rene 2022 Science of the Total Environment

Expanding the activated sludge model no.1 to describe filamentous bulking : The filamentous model

Lobna Amin, Peter van der Steen, Carlos M. López-Vázquez 2022 JOURNAL OF WATER PROCESS ENGINEERING

New alginate-based interpenetrating polymer networks for water treatment: A response surface methodology based optimization study

Eslam G. Al-Sakkari, Omar M. Abdeldayem, Eslam E. Genina, Lobna Amin, Nouran T. Bahgat, Eldon R. Rene, Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny 2020 International Journal of Biological Macromolecules