Doctoral student Aino Mäntyranta: Materials stole my heart during my undergraduate degree

Aino Mäntyranta’s interest in engineering materials led her to win an award for her master’s thesis and to pursue a career in research.
Portrait of alumna Aino Mäntyranta

I studied mechanical engineering and chose to specialize in materials science. Originally, I wanted to specialize in mechatronics, but materials stole my heart during my undergraduate degree. I decided to write my bachelor’s thesis in materials science and haven’t looked back since!

In addition to the knowledge in materials science, I also gained invaluable skills in research and gathering relevant information for problem solving. The ability to critically examine sources and the quality of the information has also proven to be a great skill to have.

I consider many parts of my studies to be the “best part” and it’s difficult to choose just one! The academic freedom that allowed me to take the courses I needed for my career, even if they deviated from the curriculum, was great. Taking those courses was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career. It also allowed me to prove myself and my skills for me and was a great confidence booster.

During the final stretch of my studies, I won an award for my master’s thesis. It felt incredible to have my hard work pay off in more than just grades!

Currently I am working on my doctoral thesis with private funding. One of the things I like best about my career choice is how there is no regular day at work. I enjoy that each day is different, even if the tasks are the same. My days are challenging, stimulating and rewarding.

I previously worked as a research scientist at a research institute. I have since chosen to focus on my doctoral thesis. In the future I plan on finishing my doctoral studies and continuing my career in research. I would love to continue with something related to my thesis topic.

I would encourage any student to apply themselves in their studies but also to remember to make friends and have fun. I would encourage them to look into the student life in Otaniemi, it’s definitely one of the best parts of the school!

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