Alejandro Pedregal Villodres

Academy Research Fellow
Academy Research Fellow
A801 Dept. Film, Television and Scenography

Alejandro Pedregal is an award winning director and screenwriter and his films have been shown in festivals around the world. Pedregal’s post-doctoral research focuses on counterhegemonic cinema, with a special interest in the testimonial tradition, inquiries about memory and trauma, marginalized communities, within Latin American cinema, critical theory and colonial studies.

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Green New Dilemmas

Juan Bordera, Alberto Coronel, Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 Ecología Política

"El barro de la revolución"

Miguel Errazu, Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 Kamchatka. Revista de análisis cultural

The Return of Nature and Marx's Ecology

John Bellamy Foster, Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 Capitalism in the Anthropocene

Antropoceno: la urgencia en un término

Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 Laboratorio Filosófico sobre la Pandemia y el Antropoceno

Praxis cultural y ecología política

Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022

Presentación del monográfico 'Praxis cultural y ecología política: mediaciones entre sociedad y naturaleza'

Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 Kamchatka. Revista de análisis cultural

Rodolfo Walsh and Cuba: Commitment and Militancy in the Shared Origins of Latin American Testimonio and Third Cinema

Alejandro Pedregal Villodres 2022 The Routledge Handbook of Violence in Latin American Literature

Toward an Ecosocialist Degrowth: From the Materially Inevitable to the Socially Desirable

Alejandro Pedregal Villodres, Juan Bordera 2022 MONTHLY REVIEW: AN INDEPENDENT SOCIALIST MAGAZINE