Oasis of Radical Wellbeing

Who are the wellbeing ambassadors?

The task of wellbeing ambassadors is to bring Aalto's activities aimed at improving wellbeing closer to students.
Master of Social Distancing. Image by Suvi Helko, 2022.
Wellbeing Ambassadors help build belongingness and community. Photo: Suvi Helko/Aalto University

Wellbeing Ambassadors use social media channels and attend events. They are ready to talk about things that support wellbeing at events and deliver a message from students to staff. You can meet wellbeing ambassadors at AYY's events, orientation and Starting Point of Wellbeing activities. An important message wellbeing ambassadors bring is that the sense of belonging in our community of more than a hundred countries can be strengthened.

The Wellbeing Ambassadors are Tua Halen, Eli Saaresto, Anna Huttunen and Arttu Pahta.

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