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EDI discussions for Aalto personnel

In monthly EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) discussions, members of Aalto personnel gets together to discuss how to advance equity, diversity and inclusion at our work.
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Do you want to actively create safer space in your teaching? Are you interested in hearing, how you can better take into account and support minorities in your work? The EDI conversations for Aalto personnel thrive to advance equity, diversity and inclusion in the Aalto community.

EDI discussions have a monthly changing theme and expert guest speakers giving presentations about the theme of the month. After the presentation, the participants discuss together and everybody has a chance to present their thoughts on the topic.

Find more information and sign up to the newest EDI discussion below at "Upcoming EDI discussions"!


Upcoming EDI discussions:

15.9.2022 at 14:30: LGBTQ+ in Aalto, guest speakers: Kasper Kivistö (Trasek ry) and board members of GAYY student association

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Past EDI conversations:

May 2022 Discrimination-free Aalto? Guest speaker: Shadia Rask (THL)
April 2022

Religions at Aalto, guest speakers: board members of AaMu (Aalto Muslims) student association and Aalto chaplain Anna Poutiainen

Read a blog post about the EDI session by Saara Abdi and Nuura Mohamoud (AaMu)

March 2022: Everyone included, guest lecture (video) by EDI specialist Sara Salmani


Do you have feedback on the EDI conversations or would you like to suggest a theme or a guest speaker? Get in contact!


Suvi Helko

Ida Salin

Ida Salin

HR Specialist, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
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