NPHarvest selfie in Ämmässuo

Objectives of collaboration

At this point potential partners for commercializing the process have been identified as lime and fertilizer producers, waste transportation and processing companies and companies that offer process solutions. Stakeholders who could benefit from the project are wastewater treatment plants, producers of agricultural sludge, biogas plants, scattered settlement operators whose waste processing will enhance and end users of fertilizer who will have access to sustainable fertilizer product at their disposal. Important stakeholders in this project are, in addition to the previous, consulting companies and regional natural water protection organizations which can support the deployment of the process. Exchange of information and discussion with environmental governance and legislation is important as well, in order to remove possible obstacles in nutrient utilization.


Organisation Role Contact

Research platform and technical support for pilot

Expert in waste water treatment plant reject waters

Link in RAVITA-project

Mari Heinonen
Anna Kuokkanen


Expertise in equipment, energy efficiency calculations

Planning support for pilot

Petri Ukkonen


Research platform and technical support for pilot

Expert in reject waters

Link in KiertoTippi-project

Viljami Kinnunen

Other collaborators


Other collaborators
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