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The students’ research work gave Pohjola Insurance and OP Life Assurance companies an important overall insight to sustainable insurance business

Customers and investors are expecting insurers to undertake sustainability actions in all the business activities
Cooperation, Studies
OP:lle tehdyn räätälöidyn opiskelijaprojektin ryhmä

Five Aalto students belong to the Finnish Championship winning synchronised skating team Team Unique

The skaters studying at different Aalto schools are Aalto’s Urhea athletes
Muodostelmaluistelujoukkue Team Unique'n aaltolaiset luistelijat

FinnFiberColor – Spun cellulose fibres and sustainably colored textiles

The FinnFiberColor project develops sustainable solutions for manufactured cellulose fibre processes. The project has enhanced the understanding of the properties of new kinds of textile fibres and assessed the consumer perception of fabrics created from alternative materials.
Research & Art
A close-up image of pink woven fabrics and a red bottle of fabric dye.

How does hydrogen actually work as a fuel? Research project receives 1.7 million euros to study hydrogen combustion

The goal of the project financed by Business Finland is to speed up the development of emission-free marine technology, among other things.
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Pyörteilevä, turbulentti vetyiekki (simulointikuva). Ilya Morev ja Ville Vuorinen, Aalto-yliopisto

Kaisu Savola: ‘The 1960s and 1970s saw a change in the values of Finnish design’

I claim series presents Kaisu Savola, who explores a generation of design students and design professionals in Finland, in the 1960s and 1970s, as they became aware of the two contradictory faces of design.
Research & Art
Design historian Kaisu Savola, photo by Sanna Lehto

Building an understanding of quantum turbulence from the ground up

Researchers show how energy disappears in quantum turbulence. The discovery paves way for a better understanding of turbulence in scales ranging from the microscopic to the planetary
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Lähikuva superpakastimesta eli kryostaatista

DNA origami boosts electrochemical biosensor performance

New results provide a platform for more efficient, selective, and sensitive DNA biosensors that can be used in detecting various pathogens and diseases.
Research & Art

Pharmaca, VTT, Aalto University and Finnish Centre for Client and Patient Safety launch Innovation Ecosystem Project for Medication Safety

Aim of project is to improve knowledge of medication safety and promote use of technical solutions supporting medication safety in different sectors and organisations
Cooperation, Research & Art
people brainstorming

What should decision-makers know about green hydrogen?

How can green hydrogen help make the world a better place, and how can Finland encourage its development and uptake? We’ve compiled a concise information package on green hydrogen for decision-makers.
Research & Art
Vihreitä lehtiä ajelehtii vedessä (kuvituskuva)

How can AI affect creative writing and online education? Online Hybrid Lab welcomes its new master's thesis worker, Aayush Kucheria.

Online Hybrid Lab is the place for new discoveries, progressive research, and developing expert views on Aalto University's digital educational strategy.
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An Image created with MidJourney_artificial_intelligence_in_online_learning_supports_ learning two robots in pixar style are reading.

Various career paths: Markus Puhakka develops a family-run horticultural business and enjoys gardening in the spring

Puhakka, who also considered the profession of a wilderness guide, studied marketing and international business management at the School of Business. Now he combines his business expertise with garden work in a Finnish family business specialising in horticulture.
Kuvassa Markus Puhakka seisoo puutarhamyymälässä, ja ympärillä näkyy viherkasveja.

Napping pods to the campus - suggest the places for 'em!

Napping pods will be installed on the campus during spring-summer 2023.
Sleeping Pod

Events at Aalto University

Workshop for Network HEIs
Academic events

EDUCase Platform organizes a workshop for network HEIs

You are warmly welcome to the Workshop for Network HEIs on Friday 31.3.2023, taking place from 10.00 to 15.00 at Aalto University.
Black doctor's hat
Public defences

Public defence in Computer Science, M.Sc. (Tech) Minna Tamper

Utilizing linked data methodologies in browsing, researching, and analysing text document collections
Pizza Brown Bag Seminar
Lectures and seminars
Public defences

Public defence in Power Electronics and Electric Drives, M.Sc. Bahram Pournazarian

The title of the thesis is Artificial Intelligence-based Control Methods for Optimal and Stable Operation of Converter-dominated Microgrids
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