A! Walk

Welcome to A! Walk. Take a leisurely walk through the community and engage in easy conversation with like-minded individuals.
Students walking on the Aalto campus in the spring. Photo by Aalto University

Join us for walking tours of the Aalto University campus and surroundings. These tours invite students and staff to explore the connection of nature and culture on our campus. 

Regular Weekly Walk: Join us every week on Thursday, starting from the Oak in front of Väre building at 13:00, for a refreshing walk through familiar and new paths. It's a great way to connect with nature and maintain a consistent walking routine. Our regular weekly walk will start in June, you can register for the regular weekly walk here.

Additional Walks with Special Themes and Destinations: Explore unique routes and special themes in these extra walks. Each offers a distinctive journey and destination for those looking to discover something new. You can register for the Theme Walks through the link under each topic. 

Stay tuned and join us to explore the campus on foot. 

Upcoming Theme Walks

Previous Highlights

To see what happened during our walk:


A! Walk-Geo-exhibition

The Geo Exhibition at GTK in Espoo provided more than just geological information; it started discussions about time, people, our planet, and, more importantly, a new perspective on sustainability...


A! Walk-Nature Walk to Birdwatching Tower

It's summer in Finland and the forests are full of life and colour. The trip to the Birdwatching Tower was not only a birdwatching trip, but also a conversation about culture and nature...


A! Walk-Art Tour to Didrichsen Art Museum

Finland is entering the golden time of the year, and our second walk was a journey across time to explore the brushstrokes of Finnish Golden Age painters...


A! Walk-Wild edibles

Spring is here, plants are starting to grow and bloom. The first walk of 'A! walk' series started with meeting those newborn plants...

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