Wood products Online course starts 3.3.2022

Learn about wood material properties and applications of wood products. No pre-requisites. Open for students in all fields!
Tree cut in the forest showing the growth rings in the cross-cut section.
Daniela Altgen

CHEM-E2115 Wood Products: Application and Performance -course is organized as online course in spring 2022. You may follow the course independently whenever it is suitable for you during periods IV-V. The course includes many short videos, texts, exercises and several multiple choice exams. The course starts with an online introduction 3.3.2022 at 9:15. More practical information about the course is found in MyCourses:

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A brilliant course with excellent course materials - especially images and video lectures.

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In the course you will learn about structure, properties and applications of wood and wood products including mechanical performance and moisture interaction. Environmental impacts of wood and wood products are presented, including life cycle analysis and the role of wood as carbon storage. Long-term performance of wood is discussed along with e.g. physical and biological degradation, enhancing performance through appropriate design and wood modification. Register to the course by 7.3.2022:

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Different scales are shown from a tree to molecules forming the cell wall.
In the course wood material is presented in different scales from a growing tree to cell structures and further to molecules forming the cell wall. (Daniela Altgen)

To support learning the course includes several short videos, such as presented below. Even more videos can be found from this Youtube-channel:

Aalto University - Wood Science


Please contact the course staff by email: [email protected]

  • Lauri Rautkari, Associate Professor
  • Daniela Altgen
  • Kristiina Lillqvist
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