Water Association of Finland literary award to Matti Kummu

Over the course of his career, Assistant Professor Matti Kummu has published 146 scientific papers, 87 of which have been peer reviewed scientific articles.

Assistant Professor Matti Kummu has been awarded the 2017 Water Association of Finland literary award. During his career, he has published 146 scientific papers, of which 87 have been peer reviewed scientific articles.

In 2016, Mr Kummu's article Fluvial sediment supply to a mega-delta reduced by shifting tropical-cyclone activity was published in the scientific journal Nature. This study demonstrated for the first time the significant impact tropical storms have on sediment flow to deltas. The research will have a global impact, as the catchment areas of many other large rivers are also regularly hit by tropical storms. A total of nearly 500 million people live and work in large delta areas.

Matti Kummu's other areas of research include the interplay between human activities and water resources; geographical data analyses linked to water resources both at local and global levels, as well as water scarcity and its impact on food production.

Mr Kummu is a graduate of the Helsinki University of Technology. He received a PhD in Technology from the university in 2008. After graduating, he has worked for a total of 4 years in the Mekong region, and as a visiting researcher at ETH in Zurich as well as at Umea University and the University of Amsterdam. He currently works as an Associate Professor at Aalto University.

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