VR Room launched - book your slot!

The room Jaakko (108) of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre is now harnessed for trying out virtual reality.

It is located at the 1st floor near the cafe, in the corridor behind the media wall.

There is a powerful PC computer with Windows 10 set up in the room together with HTC Vive gear. There are some VR application installed on the computer but we want to hear from your wishes for more to acquisitions and ideas how to use the gear in general: [email protected]

You can book your slot here: (search for space: 108 Jaakko)

The room is available during the customer service hours of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre even if it is possible make reservation beyond them. So, please book your slot withing these hours:

  • Mon–Thu 9.00–20.00
  • Fri 9.00–18.00
  • Sat 10.00–15.00

When you're coming to use your slot always contact the customer service first. The door is locked and the staff will open it for you. Take your official photo id with you since you may be asked to show it to prove your identity.

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