Visiting professor David Volkman: “The academic environment of the BScBA Program is exceptional.”

David Volkman, professor of Investment Science and Portfolio Management at the University of Nebraska Omaha, teaches Principles of Finance course to BScBA students. Volkman has a PhD in Finance, and has received several teaching, service, and research awards.
Dr. David Volkman in Kenya with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

When did you come to teach in the BScBA Program for the first time?

The first time I taught a course at Mikkeli was in 2001. I then returned in 2007 and have taught every year since.

What makes you want to come back to Mikkeli?

The students are exceptional and fellow faculty members are interesting. The students are very intelligent and have an affinity for a difficult subject such as Finance. In addition, the students have a well-rounded background with many of the students traveling internationally.

How are the students at the BScBA Program?

Every year, I am impressed by the intellect and desire to learn of the BScBA student body. Although at times a bit reserved, the students are very respectful and friendly with the faculty. But what is notable every time I return is the exceptional intellect and the students ability to address extremely difficult topics such as Finance.

How are the courses/studies here different from your home university?

The pedagogical approach and rigor are very similar to that at my home University. The obvious difference is the tenure of the course. The course is over a three-week period in Mikkeli and is over a three month period at my home university. The abbreviated instructional time makes for a very intense course.

Students will leave the program learning far more than other students that attend a regular academic program.

Dr. David Volkman, Ph.D., University of Nebraska Omaha

What have you learned from your visits to Mikkeli?

In the US, one can become very myoptic and believe the rest of the world thinks like we do. Meeting the students and faculty from all parts of the globe, helps me to understand that there are many varying points of view outside of the US.

What do you think about the 3-module system?

The 3-module system creates a very intense and compact learning environment. However, because of the structure of the courses, students have the opportunity to focus on one subject without distractions of other courses. This is a significant advantage over a semester long program where students may be concerned about 5 or 6 topics to study at one time.

Your funniest memory from Mikkeli?

Over the years I have accumulated many fond memories of the students and of Finland, but one that quickly comes to mind is attending a Jukurit hockey game. It is no surprise that Finns are very reserved in expressing their emotions. While at the game, I witnessed extraordinary play with expert passing between players, coordinated teamwork, and a resulting goal. Just like I would do at a game in the US, I stood up, whistled, and cheered after the Jukurits scored. However, I quickly realized that I was the only standing and cheering. Everyone else, in typical Finish fashion, were politely clapping. Embarrassingly, I sat back down and reminded myself that I was in Finland.

Dr. David Volkman

What tips could you give the current/future students?

Get to know and interact with all in your class. You have the opportunity to learn about other personalities, cultures, foods, likes and dislikes. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Why should someone apply to the BScBA Program?

The academic environment is exceptional. Students will leave the program learning far more than other students that attend a regular academic program offered within their country or community.

Any other thoughts?

I have truly enjoyed the many times I have visited Finland and the Mikkeli campus. The people are welcoming and environment is friendly.

Bachelor's Program in International Business, Aalto University

Bachelor's Programme in International Business, Mikkeli Campus

The Bachelor’s Programme in International Business (also called the BScBA Programme) provides students with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge to build, develop and lead companies on a global scale. A bachelor’s degree in business with an international focus opens up a wide variety of career opportunities in the private and public sectors, across all industries and continents. If you have ambitions to strive in a global business environment (e.g. study or work abroad), the Bachelor’s Programme in International Business is for you.

Organised at Aalto University’s Mikkeli Campus, you will join a close-knit community of globally oriented and ambitious Finnish and international students. After the intensive Bachelor studies, including a semester abroad at one of the programme’s many high-quality partner universities, you are guaranteed the study right at a Master’s Programme at Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

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