Vice President Janne Laine's portrait was revealed

The portrait was created by Aalto alumna Erica Nyholm.
Janne Laine sits on a tall black chair, dressed in a tuxedo, wearing the Dean of School of Cheminal Engineering ceremonial link necklace, smiling. Background is white and slightly wavy.
A section of the portrait. Photo: Erica Nyholm

'This is my portrait, but we accomplish these things together. I'm grateful for this tribute', says Aalto University's Vice President for Innovation Janne Laine.  

The portrait of Janne Laine was revealed at the School of Chemical Engineering building (Kemistintie 1) on Wednesday 20.10-2021. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture's alumna Erica Nyholm created the portrait. 

Janne Laine acted as the Dean of the School of Chemical Engineering in 2014–2018,and, previously, as Head and Vice Head of Forest Products Technology and as Professor of Forest Products Chemistry. Laine received his doctorate in 1996 from the Helsinki University of Technology in Forest Product Technology. His research focuses mainly on modifying and applying natural materials, in particular nanocellulose, to different areas.

A portrait exudes personality and career

Guided by Laine, photographer Erica Nyholm got acquainted with the teaching and laboratory facilities of the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science as part of the portrait design. White paper was chosen as the background for the portrait to symbolise Laine's career in cellulose-related research.

'The wavy paper background was suitable to represent both the spirit of Aalto University, named after the architect Alvar Aalto, and Laine's own surname (Finnish words aalto and laine both refer to waves of different sizes). A positive gaze, reflects his optimistic personality that has carried him in his career', Nyholm says. 

The portrait of Janne Laine can be seen at the second floor lobby area portrait gallery at the School of Chemical Engineering building.

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