Update your activities and prizes in ACRIS for transfer to National Research Information Hub

These content types in ACRIS supplement the publication information and they are a great way to display other aspects of your research achievements.

Most of the activities and prizes added in ACRIS research information system can be also transferred to the National Research Information Hub and as a part of Researcher’s profile tool. This service will be introduced in 2023 and it will enable researchers to create their own profile in and increase the visibility and discoverability of their research.

With this future service in mind the activities and prizes categories in ACRIS are updated. We have added sub categories that Aalto researchers have requested over the years.  Recent recommendations on researcher assessment has also been taken into account in the update, see e.g. EU's Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment | Aalto University

New features include:

  • Nine clear primary types with a variety of sub-types which reflect a diverse range of academic and artistic activities.
  • New activity classes that correspond better with the TENK CV content requirements.
  • Updated instructions in each sub-category so choosing the right template is easier than before. 
  • New open science keyword: Both activities and prizes can be tagged with open science keywords to describe what kind of open science related activities are involved.

Read more about the activity categories available in National Research Information Hub.

Instructions on how to add activities to ACRIS: Adding activities to ACRIS | Aalto University.

Instructions on how to add prizes to ACRIS: Press/Media and Prizes in ACRIS | Aalto University

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