Three Aalto University professors become members of the Academia Europaea 

Professors Risto Nieminen, Zhipei Sun and Päivi Törmä were elected as members
Prof. Risto Nieminen, Zhipei Sun and Päivi Törmä
Academician and Distinguished Professor Emeritus Risto Nieminen (left), Professor Zhipei Sun and Academy Professor Päivi Törmä. Image: Aalto University (photographers: Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, Anni Hanen-Kajander and Mikko Raskinen)

Three Aalto University professors have been selected as the new members of the Academia Europaea. The new members are

  • Academician and Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Applied Physics) Risto Nieminen
  • Professor (Photonics) Zhipei Sun
  • Academy Professor (Physics) Päivi Törmä.

Academia Europaea is a non-governmental association acting as an Academy. The members are scientists and scholars who aim to promote learning, education, and research. The academy was founded in 1988 and it has more than 4500 members which include leading experts from the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics, and the law. Currently, there are around 80 members from Finland.

‘I sincerely thank the international colleagues who made the nomination and supported the election to the Academia Europaea,’ says professor Zhipei Sun. For him, being elected as a member is a great honour.

‘In particular, during the current pandemic situation, we can see how important it is that sciences and technology can address the various societal challenges that our world is facing,’ he continues.

And what kind of things do they expect the most from membership?

‘I am looking forward to the opportunity get in contact with academics outside my own field and beyond physics. If we want promote the scientific worldview and its benefit for the society, we need to combine forces over all boundaries,’ says Academy Professor Päivi Törmä.

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