The camera will immortalise the construction of the new Otaniemi campus

The idea of the camera came from Risto Nieminen, the Dean of the School of Science. The camera films the construction of the new Väre building.

You can find the camera at

- Im looking at all these changes with excitement because I have been walking on this campus as a child 60 years ago when my father was the manager at the first construction sites. I’ve seen the campus develop and grow during these years, Risto Nieminen says.

- I believe that these pictures will be enjoyed by all at Aalto University. I think the chance to follow the constructions will also interest people from outside of the university. The camera will also give material for future historians.

There is a straight view to the construction site from the hallway at the Dean’s office and therefore this is a perfect place for the camera. Earlier the office of the President of HUT was here.

Kenrick Bingham, technology officer of the School was responsible for getting the camera and installing it.

-The camera films the area 24/7 and the picture is updated every ten minutes. Soon we will also have the possibility to reel the film. The quality of the picture is full HD and the size is 1920 x 1080. It will be interesting to see how many will follow the camera and the construction of Väre.

The installation of the camera is approved by Aalto information security and the campus services.


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About Väre:

Sari Dhima, ThD, MA

One Campus –project

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Puh. 050-3716949

School of Arts, Design and Architecture


About the camera:

Kenrick Bingham

Technology Officer

[email protected]

Puh. 050 384 1737

School of Science

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