The Building 2030 wants to make Finland's construction industry the most reliable in the world

The Aalto Pioneering Excellence Award 2023 was awarded to the Building 2030 consortium, led by Olli Seppänen and Antti Peltokorpi, which includes 21 companies.
Building 2030 - Aalto Pioneering Excellence Award 2023
The Building 2030 group with Antti Peltokorpi and Olli Seppänen in the middle.

This year's prize was awarded in Design Factory's new premises on Thursday, November 16. The award is given to a team that does pioneering work to develop the quality and excellence of operations. The event was opened by Elisa's CEO Veli-Matti Mattila, who leads the award committee.

A well-functioning partnership model connects research and companies

Building 2030 consortium is an Aalto-led consortium of construction and design companies that collaborates to pool funding to advance building the future. The partnership model developed has attracted interest elsewhere as well. The model has been put into use, for example, in the fields of maritime industry and building service technology.

The project, initiated by Professor Olli Seppänen in 2016, involves researchers, doctoral students and 21 companies in the construction industry.

'The dedication of the companies in the project has been commendable. The project is open for new members and welcomes all organizations interested in developing the construction sector. The companies fund the activity with membership fees, and new members join the consortium almost yearly. The findings of scientific projects and the experiences of business development projects are shared at the meetings', says Olli Seppänen.

A large part of the research is related to productivity and reliability. The research themes of 2023-2024 are the use of artificial intelligence in construction projects, research related to industrial construction and control of pace production.

'The study shows that using artificial intelligence in risk management can bring considerable added value in managing a construction project. The use of artificial intelligence has also been studied in projects funded by Business Finland', says Professor Antti Peltokorpi.

The research team members are Professors Olli Seppänen and Antti Peltokorpi, researchers Petri Uusitalo and Joonas Lehtovaara, and doctoral students Roope Nyqvist, Tuomas Valkonen, Eelon Lappalainen and Jaakko Riekki. Congratulations!

The honorable mentions were awarded to the Aalto Math & Arts minor and the Capacity Building of Creative Radicals (CBCR) competence development project

Aalto Math & Arts Minos
Aalto Math & Arts Minor group was awarded with Aalto Pioneering Excellence Honorable mention 2023.

Aalto Math & Arts 

Aalto Math & Arts embodies the interdisciplinary, creative and innovative spirit of Aalto University. During its more than ten years of operation, it has brought together students and teachers from different schools in Aalto and cooperated with museums, schools and other stakeholders outside the university world, including internationally. The minor offers a systematic platform for understanding the common possibilities of mathematics, art, design and architecture.

Interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity do not happen by themselves. Building the course platform has required a lot of work and passion from Kirsi Peltonen. Art and visual approaches are not always appreciated in connection with traditional mathematical methods (and vice versa), so the implementation of Aalto Math & Arts has required a lot of courage. At its core is research, education, learning and teaching: students.

In the implementation of the minor subject for the academic year 2022-23 the supporting cast includes e.g. Kirsi Peltonen, Taneli Luotoniemi, Marco Rodriguez Chavez, Markus HolsteLaura Isoniemi and Riikka Kangaslampi. Congratulations!

Capacity Building of Creative Radicals -kehitysprojekti (CBCR)
Capacity Building of Creative Radicals strategic development project (CBCR) received tha Aalto Pioneering Excellence Honorable mention 2023.

Capacity Building of Creative Radicals

The Capacity Building of Creative Radicals strategic development project (CBCR) offered future working life skills to the faculty and staff of Aalto University.

CBCR was new type of a pilot and implemented with extensive and cross-cutting cooperation in Aalto. The author group included researchers from ARTS, BIZ and ENG and experts from HRS and COS. The project was managed and funded by Radical Creativity.

CBCR’s objectives were to empower the culture of radical creativity, to remove the barriers to collective creativity, to bring out multifaceted intelligence for dealing with complexity and to build new ways of knowing, learning and working together.

The project was started in international cooperation with Otto Scharmer of MIT and Arawana Hayashi and Ricardo Dutra of Presencing Institute. Scharmer’s Theory U, systemic change management model, and Hayashi’s and Dutra’s embodied practices based on performative arts led Aalto's employees to diversify their means of interaction.

As the results, CBCR strengthened team interaction and both individual and collective ability to change. Embodied practices built a shared experience of a safe space and participants’ self-awareness, which increased flexibility and tolerance of uncertainty. They reinforced skills important to radical creativity, such as developing new ideas and particularly risk-taking. CBCR’s key learnings continue their lives in the Aalto community, integrated into several HRS programs. 

Riikka Mäkikoskela, Maria Joutsenvirta, Kirsi Hakio, Tiina Toivola, Maria Uusitalo and Carita Pihlman. Congratulations!

Aalto Pioneering Excellence Award

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