The best business students were awarded

Dean’s List Scholarships in Academic Year 2014–2015 were given to 27 students.

The School of Business recognizes students who have performed extremely well in their studies. Dean Ingmar Björkman awarded Dean’s List grants on 28 October 2015. 13 BSc and 14 MSc graduates who had completed their degree within the normative length of studies and belong to the top 3% of the students graduated in 2014–2015 were given the scholarships and the certificates of honor.

In academic year 2014–2015 the following graduates received the Dean's list award:

Bachelor’s students

Haponava Vera

Hyvönen Kari-Jussi Samuli

Hämäläinen Joni Heikki Petteri

Johansson Juha Tapani

Laurikainen Tuomas Pekka Aleksanteri

Lee Donghun

Moberg Samu Matias Sylvester

Neuvonen Sanna Kaisa Hannele

Nguyen Thi Phuong Nga

Pham Quoc Bao

Poikela Satu Johanna

Vanhapelto Tuuli Maria

Yli-Seppälä Joel Benjamin


Master’s students

Airaksinen Pipsa Petra Annikki

Chen Leifu

Fager Johan Matias

Hoikkala Tia Maritta

Hyttinen Heini Maria

Karlsson Joona Vilho Artturi

Koivula Lauri Valdemar

Kytö Samuli Heikki Johannes

Länsiö Lotta Kristiina

Lönnblad Susanna Maria

Mantere Anu Hanna

Niemeläinen Leo Martin

Ståhle Michael Eric Sebastien

Tomunen Tuomas Antti Juhani

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